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Thales ATC- Organisational Development & Business Recovery




The client is a subsidiary of a multi- national aerospace, defence & technology company, being an Air Traffic Control equipment innovator & manufacturer.

Engagement: This company was in dire financial trouble due to a reduction in funding from the parent company. This was as a result of a strategic change in orientation and a greater push for results based outcomes.


As a part of a comprehensive financial & strategic turnaround we worked with senior management and key stakeholders from within the company to research market needs and develop an effective strategic business development plan. On the back of this information having been produced several clear strategic interventions were undertaken; to run a lean transformation plan to cut costs, to introduce an array of  responsive customer centric work methods to focus outcomes, consider wider marketing and cross selling options existing products to potential new clients, the introduction of a new focused management structure  & 20+ volatile company managers to conduct a comprehensive management assessment to ensure the new structure was supported to deliver the defined key strategic outcomes.




The execution of the strategic plan produced by this work was the key to this successful turnaround. It delivered not only the essential survival of the organisation but in increase in profitability of 37.5 over the first 2 years post intervention.


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